Thursday, August 22, 2013

St. George with Trish & Trista's families - Stadium of Fire 4th of July, 2008

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BYU Education Week

WOW... BYU Education Week with Sam and Jan...  fun to have them with us!  Party Hardy...   ;)  Nice to get spiritually fed and uplifted!   The worldly news overpowers me and gets my blood boiling - maybe it's just simply time to quit the news a little (can't go cold turkey now!) and listen to uplifting words, music, stories.  Education Week teaches me to spend my time wisely - for my benefit to know my Heavenly Father.  I do love Him... 

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Where have I been!!?? 2 1/2 years since my last blog and no news? We JUST celebrated Halloween at Rick & Tricia's home with the family after all the kids filled their bags with candy!! Trista bought the new WII Dance II DVD and brought it for all kids to play and it was fun... the little ones loved it! Tricia cooked for two days and made homemade Chili AND Clam Chowder - corn bread, pumpkin cake AND caramel apples!! YUMMM... PLUS we had pizza! Too much food!! We thought all adults would be dressing up and it turned out that Don and I AND Gary and Trista dressed up. The rest were party poopers!! The most amazing was Gary dressed as the "Mad Hatter". He looked AMAZING!!! It was a fun fun night!! OH and Britton had a party with 50+ friends blasting the music from the basement - watching a movie in the Theater room and then outside to play some football. Rick even built a fire in the pit outside. It had to be a blast for Brit! But he is such a "stud muffin"!!!!

Took the lil girls to Gardner Village to get their nails done on Friday - Kate had her face painted - we ate cookies - rode the witch's wagon to swamp hollow and after grabbed some food and went to watch Jared play his basketball game. It was so much fun to have Whitney, Kaitlyn and McKenzie, Kylie all together with Grandma.

Also - the weekend of October 21st all the Mom's and Grandma went to St. George to see Thriller. Us girls had a blast at the expo "What Woment Want". I think the 2 booths that offered 4 for $20 jewelry ended up the hit with my girls. The weekend was so fun... shopping EVERYWHERE and EATING all the time!! LOVED Benja's Curry and rice with chicken dish as well as their Mango rice dessert. The girls ate that at the Women's Expo and especially Tricia loved it!! When I can get my girls all together to spend time without family - JUST the girls - it's an amazing treat!! Don came down with Trina a day after Trish and Angie and myself arrived on Thursday. Trista went earlier on Thursday with 3 of her Bonco girlfriends and stayed with them at the condo they shared. We got to have her with us on Saturday and at dinner before the "Thriller" show at Tuachan. So it was fun. I'm a lucky girl!!

August - Austin received his mission call to Sidney, Australia. Amazing to even think our Aussie is old enough for his mission. He won't leave til November 17th. He's pretty hyped to go to Australia!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bettridges in St. George

Don and I along with Tricia and kids left for St. George on May 22nd but not arriving until 1:00AM on the 23rd - we left pretty late because we got to see the movie "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" with a group hosting a thank you to their clients which Rick helped sponsor. Tricia and kids stayed at Trista's new home so we missed having them with us BUT we managed to play together ALOT!! The kids swam alot and of course we shopped and ate out every chance we could!! Rick drove down Sunday after speaking at a Ward as his High Council 's representative. He knew he would have to go home Monday night but wanted to be with the kids - and to golf with the kids!! Also, Britton's birthday was the 27th - 11 years old - WOW!!

My camera battery went dead but I have a couple of pictures showing some tennis stars!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MAY 10th to MAY 17th

What work!! Todd is ALMOST to the finish line on his back yard... Don was helping his son lay the grass - which thrills Angie!! NO MORE DUST AND DIRT!! They started this project a year ago - but wait til you see the finished project... that's to come - soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!